Classroom Supplies

You are likely aware that out teachers need materials to make their rooms efficient for teaching as well as engaging and fun for our kids/their students. This is an initial attempt to get some of these things in one spot.  Please take a moment to consider at all the needs listed, not just your child’s teacher’s.  You may have something to donate that will make a teacher’s day!

Please realize this page is a work in progress. Suggestions about how to make this better are absolutely welcome. Email your ideas to aloha@kscohana.org!

Donors Choose Campaigns

Pitch in with your fellow parents and help get (often larger/pricier) items for classrooms.  The link to Donors Choose below should list all the KCS teachers on this website. If someone is missing, let us know!

KCS Donors Choose Campaigns

Classroom Wishlists

Work in progress. We are still getting input on this and will remove items as they are purchased.  Note that items that are used and in good condition will also be welcome.

Teacher/Staff Member Room # Wishlist Items
Provance 202 Laminator & Laminate paper, 11 X 17 paper for art projects, large whiteboard 4 X 8, construction paper
Tosta 306 Index Cards, Laminator and Laminator Paper
Federoff 310
Niko 201 extension cord, index cards, 3 hole punch, 3 (3inch) binder, 12 thin foam noodles
Wilson 303 Storage: Cabinets (first choice), open shelves (second choice)
Baldridge 106 Donors choose project (wobbly chairs)
Terry 301 Book shelves,  hanging file folders, any art supplies. Help hanging a bulletin board.
Estomo 209
Gresham (Amazon Wishlist)
Lindsey A306 Small conference table
Hamman Ping pong balls, Exercise ball, marbles, copper wire, tv screen or projector for classroom,
Satovich 206 22 wireless mice to use with Chromebooks in the Tech room. (Going to set up a Donors Choose campaign)
White 103 Large Whiteboard 4×8? LARGE world maps, art supplies, 12×24 construction paper white and colored
Collins A212 3ml laminating sheets, bw&color ink for HP OfficeJetPro6978, DonorsChoose donations “Interface Us”
Horwitz A214 (Amazon Wishlist)