Welcome to the Home of the KCS PTSA

Aloha fellow KCS Parents, Teachers, and Students-

Now that we are moving on to the new campus and can expect a more stable and less variable schedule for everyone, we are looking to kick start the formation of a Parent/ Teacher/ Student organization that have been in the works since the end of last year.

We are planning an initial meeting in early November. Because we have not had a Parent/Teacher organization for a few years now, we are really starting from scratch. These initial meetings will be important in defining how we structure this group and what our initial goals will be. If having functioning PTSA is important to you, please do join us!

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If you have any initial questions or wish to jump right in and get involved, you can contact us by email at aloha(at)kcsohana.org.

Mahalo nui loa-

KCS Ohana volunteers

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