PTSA Meeting at Kalama Park : Thursday, Dec. 20 at 4 PM

Our next PTSA meeting will be at the usual spot; the pavillion next to the the playground at Kalama Park.  Join us this Thursday (Dec. 20) at 4 PM.

On the Agenda:

  • discuss and ratify bylaws (we will be working of this Hawaii PTSA template)
  • (possibly) elect our association officers (at a minimum President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer)(Look for job descriptions¬†here)
  • decide on a bank to open an account with
  • consider forming a safety and fundraising committee and initial assignments
  • Mrs. McKraken will present on her proposal to form a teachers support group/committee.
  • start collecting membership dues
  • discuss membership due levels.

As you can tell, a fair bit of important stuff that will move us down the path to getting “official.”¬† Please join us if you’d like to volunteer as a committee lead or, even better, one of the official board members.