Initial PTSA Board Elected

At the last general meeting, we elected our first set of officers, who will serve for the remainder of the school year, and they are:

  • Morgan Andaluz, Secretary
  • Kimberlee Baldridge, Treasurer
  • Frank Flores, Vice President
  • John Starmer, President

Thank you all for taking on the (bureaucratic) leadership responsibility for the group.

As a reminder, we are building an organization that will be as “flat” as possible and everyone that wants to realize that they have the opportunity to lead.

We will only be successful if our members are willing to lead on topics they are interested in as committee or project leaders. If you have something you are passionate about, come to a meeting and pitch the idea!

PTSA Meeting at Kalama Park : Thursday, Dec. 20 at 4 PM

Our next PTSA meeting will be at the usual spot; the pavillion next to the the playground at Kalama Park.  Join us this Thursday (Dec. 20) at 4 PM.

On the Agenda:

  • discuss and ratify bylaws (we will be working of this Hawaii PTSA template)
  • (possibly) elect our association officers (at a minimum President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer)(Look for job descriptions here)
  • decide on a bank to open an account with
  • consider forming a safety and fundraising committee and initial assignments
  • Mrs. McKraken will present on her proposal to form a teachers support group/committee.
  • start collecting membership dues
  • discuss membership due levels.

As you can tell, a fair bit of important stuff that will move us down the path to getting “official.”  Please join us if you’d like to volunteer as a committee lead or, even better, one of the official board members.

🍦TODAY Kihei Charter School Ice Cream Social🍦

The KCS Ice Cream Social is on for tonight from 5-6:30 PM. We are still looking for parents to help serve the ice cream and be at the PTSA table to help parents with signing up.

Remember that there is no entry fee to the event. Everyone is welcome. We only ask for a suggested donation of $3 per student and $5 per adult. Tickets may be purchased at the door.  All proceeds will go towards funding school clubs and teams.

We have now accounted for ice cream, paper products and several scoops.  We still need help with the following:

4 ice cream scoops
Volunteers to serve icecream (students can help)
If you can help out, please email so we can add you to the list.

We hope to see you there!!

More on starting up KCS PTSA as a Hawaii State PTSA local unit.

We are currently going down the path of becoming a local unit of the Hawaii State PTSA. General details about the benefit of this status and the application process can be found here:

A copy of the standard Hawaii PTSA bylaw template is available on the above page and can be downloaded directly as a Microsoft Word document here:

We will need to decide on any changes that our group would like to add to the bylaws and pass the final bylaws by a 2/3 vote.

We will need to sign up a minimum of 15 members and will need to elect a board as part of the application process.  The base cost for dues is $9.25 per person (not per family). Note that we also need to cover, at a minimum $100 for insurance and $30 for incorporation filing fees. We should discuss whether to incorporate this into our membership dues or cover this in another manner.

More details to come… and please join us at the meeting at Kalama Park this evening at 5 PM at the Pavillion by the playground.


PTSA Meeting – Nov.26, 5 PM at Kalama Park

We’ll be meeting at the same place this coming Monday, in the Kalama Park pavillion next to the play ground. Note this meeting is a bit later than our first meeting.

On the agenda are:

  • details about helping out with the PTSA table at the ice cream social (need some volunteers) and the “Giving Tree” idea
  • the teacher’s support group
  • an update on the PTSA application (the paperwork  has arrived!!)
  • discussion of setting up a meeting with the police and County Council Member Kelly King to discuss the Piilani Highway crossing

🍦Kihei Charter School Ice Cream Social🍦

The KCS Ice Cream Social is on and we will have a KCS PTSA table at the event. Here are the details from Ellen Federoff, KCHS Dean of Campus Life:

You are cordially invited to attend the KCS Ice Cream Social on Wednesday, November 28,  from 5:00pm – 6:30pm

Come join us as we showcase our student clubs and athletic clubs and teams. Meet the students and teachers who will be offering these after school clubs. Learn about our athletic teams. Come catch some of our school spirit as we settle into our new building with ice cream and `ohana.

There is no entry fee to the event. Everyone is welcome. We only ask for a suggested donation of $3 per student and $5 per adult. Tickets may be purchased at the door.  All proceeds will go towards funding our school clubs and teams.

We are looking for help with the social as well.  The ice cream is being taken care of, but we need help with the following supplies:

 7 ice cream scoops
If you can help out, please email with the items you’d like to supply.

We hope to see you there!!

Fundraiser – Thanksgiving Imu

Kihei Charter School is again having a Thanksgiving imu (earth oven). This year is is at the VFW at 2110 Ulunui in Kihei.

Drop off is Wednesday, Nov. 21 from 4-7 PM
Pickup is Thursday Nov. 22 from 8-10 AM

There is a $25 per pan donation.

If you have not done this before, get your turkey done up in a foil pan, wrap the whole thing with foil, drop that into another pan. Don’t forget to put your name on it (sharpie markers work well).

When you pickup, remember the pans will be hot and sandy/dusty.  An old towel or box is a good idea to get your cooked turkey home!

KCS Ohana Community Planting Day

A message from Leslie Baldridge

“Mark your calendars for KCS Ohana community planting day!

Saturday, November 17th,  from 8-11am at the school campus.
If you have any of these items bring them along:
Planting trowels, scissors for cutting jute mat, gloves, wheelbarrow.
If you do not have these items no problem we will have some tools to share.

RSVP’s greatly appreciated –

See you on Saturday!”

First Organization Meeting Outcomes


Thanks to everyone that was able to attend our first meeting at Kalama Park last week.  There was good discussion among the group. I really appreciate HS Principal Michael Stubbs presenting some of the concerns of the administration and school in general.

I’ve tried to capture my takeaways from the meeting on this collaborative etherpad:  Feel free to add your input on this if I missed or misinterpreted the discussion. (Shoot me a note at if you have any issues accessing this) This is a temporary home for meeting minutes, but a great way to get group input. I’m working on a place to permanently memorialize our meeting summaries.

Thank you again for helping build community at KCS!

– John

Join us for our First Meeting at Kalama Park – November 8

Please join us for an initial organizational discussion at Kalama Park on Thursday, November 8 in the pavilion next to the playground. We’ll start gathering there after school and will start the “official” business by 3:30 PM and finish up by 4:30 PM.

{{ Note that we are currently in “Work In Progress” mode.  This is just a first effort to connect and feel our peoples interests, commitment and desires.  Expect future meeting times and locations to change as we get a better sense for the needs of our community. Mahalo! }}

On the Agenda:

  • Timeline for getting the organization organized.
  • Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) or Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). (What’s the difference? Read this article: PTO vs PTA)
  • Review the great suggestions submitted on our anonymous survey form.

If you haven’t added your comments to the survey or if you can’t make our initial meeting, please consider doing so before the meeting >>here<<.

Look forward to seeing you all on Thursday!